Personal Finance Planning

We will assist you with planning your financial life. Your finances, as in your life, are affected by marriage, home ownership, children, and retirement. Our expertise includes investments, insurance, and retirement planning.

Investments – It is never too early or too late to start saving and investing in your future. We will work with your investment advisor to help you:

Get out of debt so you can move forward making money instead of spending it.

Establish a budget so your money is realistically spent on investments and your future without being deprived of the day-to-day necessities.

Set aside an emergency fund for life’s pitfalls such as home repairs or illnesses.

Diversify so that not all of your money is dependent on one market.

Stick with your plan when your life changes. We will be there to help you keep it all together.

Insurance – There are many types and coverage plans for insurance. We will work with your agent(s) to assist the decisions of which insurances are best for you. Some of the coverage types are:

Health insurance is a hot topic right now. Our CPAs and Accountants have been trained with the latest IRS and State guidelines and references so we can help you through the roadblocks.

Auto insurance can vary by State, auto, budget, and personal preference.

Homeowner policies are also variable, many times dependant on location and type of property.

Personal Property insurance is sometimes included in your homeowner’s policy and covers the contents of your home. If you are not a homeowner, this insurance is available to renters.

Life and Long Term Care insurances provide coverage for you and your loved ones.

Disability insurance provides income when you cannot work.

Specialty insurance covers the details in your life such as rental cars, vacations, contact lenses, phones, etc.

Retirement Planning – How much savings and income will you need when you retire? We will work with you to determine your future. Consider the following and give us a call to discuss:

Social Security benefits may not be enough.

Your pension plan may make up the difference, but it depends on the plan stability and earnings.

Inflation will definitely affect your retirement.

We will work with you to determine your retirement goals and how to reach them.

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